The Count Down

It’s The Final Countdown

“And maybe we’ll come back to earth, who can tell??”

New Year’s Eve is  just one hour away.  And I am not to zero yet.  The funny thing is that I have not been behind all year until THIS WEEK!!  I want to say it was the holidays but that excuse is another one that I hate just as much as “I’m exhaaausted.”  I really think it’s a mental thing to add a little drama to the end of my 2011 goal and blog.  Will she make it??  It’s close!!  What if she has a migraine again??  What if she injures her back again??  What if she starts drinking champagne on NYE before she hits zero??  Who can stand the suspense!!!

The good news about my slow crawl to the end is that I have to go down to the studio for large chunks of time.  And I have accomplished so much in the last couple of days.  I did so much choreographing (burlesque and circus fusion) this week and there is still tomorrow–for I have hours left to do!!!  I was down there for 2 and a 1/2 hours today and I have three hours to finish tomorrow.  If I don’t practice for three hours tomorrow, I have failed.  I have failed myself and all of my faithful readers that have stuck with me for a year!!  Everyone bite your nails and I will make sure to blog the ending to this cliffhanger tomorrow!!

362 completed, 3 to go, 1 day to do it in or my mission has failed!!  Until tomorrow—-


2 thoughts on “It’s The Final Countdown

  1. That’s right. No nail biting!!

    And I choreographed a solo and some group stuff this morning for an hour. Two more to go!! After that, I have a great reason to drink the campagne that is calling to me!!

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