The Count Down

We Are The Champions, My Friend

“And we’ll keep on fighting to the end.”

I would have used the theme to Chariots of Fire if it had lyrics!!  Yes, it is official.  In the PM hours of New Year’s Eve 2011 I reached my goal of practicing 365 hours this year.  I choreographed routines for an hour this morning.  I took at 90 minute Suhaila class this afternoon, and then drilled choreography for 30 minutes not that long ago to complete the time I needed.  I thought I would feel more accomplished but I seem more focused on what I want to do next.

The 365 was fairly easy for me to do so I need to take it up a notch.  I am definitely not going to blog about how much practice I am doing again.  I think one year is enough of that!!  I am going to keep blogging and change the name of it.  I will tell the tales of dancers instead.  We bring back many good stories from the crazy life of dance so I will focus on that.

I will increase my practice but keep the blogging about that to almost none.  Just know I am practicing.  But not tonight!!  The Barefoot Bubbly is about to be opened in celebration of two goals met this year.  Tomorrow I think I will make new ones!!  We must constantly grow just to keep up!!  “Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost.”–The movie Pina.

365 hours practiced this year,   0 to go!!  Thanks for sticking with me!!


2 thoughts on “We Are The Champions, My Friend

  1. Gina says:

    YEAH! You did it! But then I always knew you would. Awesome job! Looking forward to seeing what your new goals are for the New Year!

  2. Thanks for the support!! Now I need to break the habit of looking at the clock when I work. I go downstairs and the first thing I want to do is check the time. No need anymore.

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