Highest Potential

The Heart is a Bloom

“It’s a beautiful day!!”

Something so nice happened today.  I got a Christmas gift from my students.  They all put their money together to buy me a sterling silver necklace that has my name on it.  It is lovely.  And how nice of them to do that for me.  I am moved.

They were supposed to get it so they could give it to me at the studio Christmas party but the company did not send it to them on time even though they confirmed they would do just that.  Bad business!!!  Be reliable.  People remember that stuff!!!

Back to the positive–if you want to see my necklace just ask me.  I’ll be wearing it all the time!!

It’s so weird not to put numbers here.

Highest Potential

A New Day Has Come

“I was waiting so long for a miracle.”

(I changed the look of my blog now that I have completed the 2011 goals.)

It really does seem like yesterday that I was typing the first page of my new blog with a big goal in front of me.  I had zero hours done and hundreds to go and now it is all done and behind me.  The blog had become a part of my routine.  I still want to blog but my goals have changed.  Practice hours was a good goal but as I think back on how it went, I can only think of about three times that I had to force myself to practice simply because it was my goal on here.  I can think of New Year’s Day last year– I didn’t want to practice but I did to start off the new year and new blog right.  And then there was the last two days of 2011 when I hadn’t made it to 365 hours yet.  I completed the last 6 hours on those days, more than I would have if I didn’t have the blog going.  My guess is, if I had not made it my goal to practice 365 hours in a year, I probably would have practiced about 358 hours this year instead of 365.  Not bad at all and it is nice to know that I do practice my art that much.  The blog accomplished many realizations.

I seem to have control over my practice hours and my body is stronger than it has ever been at this time of year.  I accomplished what I needed to in these two areas to keep going this year too.  I am going to continue weight lifting and see how strong I become and I want to keep growing as a dancer and be better and better.

At the beginning of the year I said I was going to go to Paris, France as my reward for reaching my goals but I changed my mind about that for a few reasons.  I will not list them here but instead of that reward, I choose a much cheaper option–I bought myself a Django Reinhardt t-shirt on the internet yesterday.  🙂  I still want to go to France but I will save that for a better time.  Hopefully I will dance there!!

I put this blog entry into a new category I called “Highest Potential.”  I was inspired by a blog called The Daily Love.  I get their tweets and here are the quotes from that blog that got me thinking:

“If you want to be successful, model your life after those who have excelled at whatever you dream to do.”

“Surround yourself with other visionaries, allies, and friends who support your highest potential.”

“Practice and hard work creates luck.”

“You’re not crazy for wanting to be happy. but it’s crazy to put up with people who don’t want you to be happy.”

These are wonderful quotes to really think about.  I want to change my attitude towards myself and my art and my talent in that art.  This year I am going to change the way I think about what I do and see if that creates a change in what I do.  One thing never changes whether I am talking about physical or mental things I am doing–I always want to be better at what I do.  So my goal is different but it is exactly the same.