Highest Potential

Dance Dance

“And these are the lives you’d love to lead.”

I quickly got out of the habit of blogging, didn’t I??  Nearly every day was a habit but it was also overkill.  I probably won’t blog daily again but I would love to pick up the pace a little now that I have had a break from it.

I did the same thing in college.  I was an English major and I had to read so many books.  In my last semester, I read four in a week sometimes and some were huge novels.  Once I graduated, I didn’t read another book for about a year.  Now I read regularly again and have my kindle with me most of the time.  I just needed that break.  First book I read after a year??  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  That J.K. Rowling doesn’t even know the good she does!!  😉

Anyway, onto my obsession:  Dance!!  I saw the movie Pina last week.  Such a beautiful film!!  So inspiring for a choreographer.  For a dancer too but I think creation is something that is thought of in a new way after seeing this film.  You can do anything you want to so when you are creating.  The choreographer Pina was inspired by so much and inspired so much in her dancers.  So much so that they hate life without her.

She died during the pre-production of this film in 2009.  She was diagnosed with cancer and died five days later.  Pretty abrupt but the film went on.  The producer was originally not planning to do it after her death but instead it turned into a beautiful tribute to her.  A tribute that introduced her wonderful choreography to those of us who had not had the pleasure of seeing it before.

I am going to see it again tonight.  It is still at the theatres here and I want to catch it one more time before it goes.  I am obsessed I realize but I prefer to think of it differently:  I am lucky enough to have found my passion in this world!!  I am very blessed!!