Highest Potential

Get Up Get up

“Get busy do it!!”

So as I wrote in my last post, I want to work on my solo skills.  Any time I have said that in th past, I haven’t had much follow through.  I always work on one thing and then back into the group stuff for one of my many troupes

I have a good report though. I  got back from practice tonight and then went onto the Internet.  I spent so much time on there that it was 11:45 PM when I got off and I still hadn’t  worked on my solo stuff.  Thoughts went through my head like they do every day.  I am tired from practice.  I can start tomorrow.  I already practiced with a troupe.  I did plenty.  These are the same things I have said to myself for years.  All of these phrases are things that go against what I tell others.  Just do it.  Can I put that excuse in the show program??  Suck it up –also a favorite.

So you know what comes next.  With my lazy pajama wearing ass in the recliner, I felt guilty enough to get up, put on appropriate practice attire (at least appropriate enough to wear in my  own home) and I started working on my solo stuff. I took an advanced online dance class.

I love what I learned.  I love that I got up and did it when the easier thing was to stay in my comfy chair and my jammies.  And let me give you one piece of unasked for wisdom–you will never be sorry that you didn’t choose laziness!!

Highest Potential

If You Don’t Like What You See Here

“Nobody wants to take you prisoner.”

So this has been the busiest year in my history of bellydancing.  I love it!!  And I am tired.  And I injured myself.  But I love it.  The only thing I would change is that I want more.  I will never complain about being busy because this is what I want.

This is actually my first weekend off in months and I feel lazy.  I really would rather just be dancing all the time.  And traveling.  I love to travel outside of Ohio where everyone knows me and perform and/or teach in other states where no one knows me.  I love when those who have never seen me and don’t know me personally see what I do and love me based solely on my workshops and performance.  It makes me feel like I am doing something right.

I do wonder what exactly has made me so busy.  Is it my work??  Is it my personality??  Is it a mix of many things??  Just wondering so I can keep doing it!!  I welcome any suggestions on what I am doing right.  Keep the what you don’t like about me to yourselves because I cry a lot.  😉

I have also come to another decision.  I am going to really work on solo skills this year.  I have worked so hard for so long on group choreographies and what makes a group look good.  I like my group stuff so much more than my solo stuff.  Of course, I do.  That is where a majority of my time is spent.  I am going to spend equal time on my solo stuff for the next year and build that up because I have clearly realized one thing this year–you can’t depend on anyone.  You can’t breathe easy with anyone.  If I say, “she’s always reliable.”  That is the year she becomes unreliable.  If I say “she is always nice to me.”  That is the time she starts being difficult and telling people my secrets.  If I say, “she’s got my back.”  That’s the time she starts insulting me to others and taking credit for my work.  I have lived it over and over!!  I hope to never live it again but if I do–solo skills!!  That is my new plan!!