Highest Potential

If You Don’t Like What You See Here

“Nobody wants to take you prisoner.”

So this has been the busiest year in my history of bellydancing.  I love it!!  And I am tired.  And I injured myself.  But I love it.  The only thing I would change is that I want more.  I will never complain about being busy because this is what I want.

This is actually my first weekend off in months and I feel lazy.  I really would rather just be dancing all the time.  And traveling.  I love to travel outside of Ohio where everyone knows me and perform and/or teach in other states where no one knows me.  I love when those who have never seen me and don’t know me personally see what I do and love me based solely on my workshops and performance.  It makes me feel like I am doing something right.

I do wonder what exactly has made me so busy.  Is it my work??  Is it my personality??  Is it a mix of many things??  Just wondering so I can keep doing it!!  I welcome any suggestions on what I am doing right.  Keep the what you don’t like about me to yourselves because I cry a lot.  😉

I have also come to another decision.  I am going to really work on solo skills this year.  I have worked so hard for so long on group choreographies and what makes a group look good.  I like my group stuff so much more than my solo stuff.  Of course, I do.  That is where a majority of my time is spent.  I am going to spend equal time on my solo stuff for the next year and build that up because I have clearly realized one thing this year–you can’t depend on anyone.  You can’t breathe easy with anyone.  If I say, “she’s always reliable.”  That is the year she becomes unreliable.  If I say “she is always nice to me.”  That is the time she starts being difficult and telling people my secrets.  If I say, “she’s got my back.”  That’s the time she starts insulting me to others and taking credit for my work.  I have lived it over and over!!  I hope to never live it again but if I do–solo skills!!  That is my new plan!!


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