Highest Potential

Oh By Golly

“Have a Holly Jolly Christmas this year.”

I just needed an excuse to use the word golly.

As the end of the year approaches, I realize I basically took a year off from blogging.  I did my 365 days of practice and then I unconsciously said to myself, “No need to blog.  Ignore it for a year.”

We are two weeks from 2013 so I need to quit that.  I don’t want to blog about practice though.  That’s been done.  By me.  You all get it.  I practice.  🙂  I want to blog about more exciting bellydance stuff and my sarcastic views on said stuff.  I put at the top of my blog that every gig has a story.  I guess I should probably share those.

Like this year:  We had a car pull up onto our stage area.  Yes, a car.  Why didn’t I think to park next to the stage.  I parked in a parking spot and walked like I was a commoner.

I choreographed a routine to honor a dead man.  It was touching and a good routine that lots of people learned and performed at the memorial.

I learned how important tiny snippets of music between songs are at gigs.  I love telling the sound person to just start the music and let it play. 

I relearned that sound people cannot be relied on.  (Shout out to Dark Lady!!)  Take it from me, and take it from them–bring a back-up speaker if you want to be assured that you will perform.

I performed at a place called the White Rabbit Cabaret.  (Shout out to Melly!!!)  It will go down as a favorite.  We had our pictures taken in one of those old photo booths that give you a strip of four in black and white.  I need more cabarets in my life.

I performed at a Guitar Shop/Bar in Massachusetts.  It was the absolute coolest place.  There were guitars and banjos on the all the walls including behind us on stage.  We are going there again!!  (Bobbie Shout out!!)

I performed to musicians that I met five minutes before the show started and didn’t suck!!  (Another shout out to Melly.  JezeMel!!!)

I performed a SOLO at the Holocaust Museum.  I will forever remember all the survivors that remembered who I was from my first performance a year before!!!  They knew who I was!!!  (Shout out to Brett!!)  I have gained so much from you!!

I whipped a dancer that dressed like a tiger just so I could whip her!!  (Shout out to Sophie!!)

I saw a dance troupe grow so much so fast that I am giddy about what is in store for them.  (Shout out to Maevyn!!)

I also had some things happen that I will hold the shout outs for:  I saw dancers lose dance skill in favor of being difficult, I saw a dancer lose opportunities because of ego, I saw laziness beat out integrity in a priority war, I saw a personality change before my eyes,  I had to kick people out of routines for not knowing them (so hard for me), I had to deal with the whole there is no sitter so my children came with me to the gig issue, and the bellydance opportunity I was eagerly planning for and looking the most forward to was pulled out from under me.

Sounds like a typical year of an artist, doesn’t it??  Good or bad, they all have a story.  It is an adventurous life I have chosen.  I can’t wait to see what the next year holds!!!

(I wrote this in December and forgot to put it up.)


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