He’s in the Army Now, A-blowing Reveille

“He’s the Boogy Woogy Bugle Boy of Company B.”

There’s a point.  I bet you can guess.  Just kidding.  No one would guess this.

I entered the Blackwater Cabaret’s Miss USO pageant and WON!!  I am the reigning Blackwater Miss USO complete with sash and crown and commitments to make appearances throughout this year until I pass down the crown to the next Miss USO next year.  How fun!!

I love it since I’m kind of obsessed with the 40s and gypsy jazz etc.  And my polka dot dress has more opportunities now.  :). Always a bonus.

My first appearance as the reigning Miss USO is next weekend.  Let’s do it!!



“Is it me you’re looking for??”

I know I keep saying this but this time it’s true. I’m going to blog more than once a year. Even if it’s just a gig haiku. That sounds fun. Let me try that:

Last gig of the year
Oddmall was our final show
‘Til email today

Yes we got an email asking us to dance this weekend. I will probably say yes because I always do.

I have different goals for next year. I don’t even want to write them down yet because I don’t want to set myself up but they are really bold!!

I also have a Qaina announcement that will surprise people a little bit. I will have that by the end of this week. Stay tuned!!