Like a Record, Baby

“Right round, round round.”

Tomorrow is NYE and every year I have different resolutions.  I usually keep most of them too.  Not all.  I fall off the wagon sometimes but I do well.  I thought I would post them here so if I do fall off the wagon, I have it publicly posted for shame reasons.  So my whole two readers, you have my permission to shame me.  🙂

Jezolutions for 2015 (I just created that word right now!!):

1.  I want to travel more for dance.  I would love to do some more shows outside the tri-state area!!

2.  I want a handful of solos in different styles.  There is no reason I shouldn’t have this already since I don’t need to depend on ANYONE to make this happen.

3.  I want flat abs!!  I have never in my dance career had flat abs.  I want to see what it’s like.  I bet it’s cool!! I’m going to do some serious ab work daily and see where it takes me.  🙂

And that’s my list.  What is yours??  Post it in comments and let’s do it together!!