That Thing You Do

“Every day just doing that thing.”

Today I caught the end of the movie That Thing You Do. I haven’t seen it in forever. I saw it the year it came out in the 90s. Before I was ever a bellydancer. Before I was Jez. Before I ever thought about becoming Jez.

It’s a completely different movie when you watch it after you’ve experienced the performer life. Even though it’s a different art and a different level of popularity, it captures exactly what you go through from trying to succeed at your art, to succeeding at your art, to what happens to your ego after you succeed at your art. These three phases are so difficult In some ways and so easy in others. One thing is for sure though, it is awesome!!

One scene definitely caught my attention: half way through their tour they added background dancers to their act. They stood on tables behind the band doing choreographed dances to the song. I’d love that job!!


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