You Can Ring My Bell

“Ring my bell”

I get the bell jar comparison now.  I didn’t when I read The Bell Jar over a decade ago.  But I had gotten to the point where I was in the bell jar and I felt it lifted off me today, tonight really.  It was when I exercised with weights for 29 short minutes.  That’s all it took.  The ironic thing is that I was using the bell jar as a reason not to exercise.  It really is a physical cause.  A mental problem with a physical solution.  I advise never to slough off the simple suggestion.  It’s often the one that really works.  It’s often better than meds anytime for anything.  Shock worked for Sylvia; simple weights worked for me.  I am blessed.

And because of this post, I am expanding my blog theme beyond gigs and classes.  It’s all part of the big picture of my life as a bellydancer anyway.


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