Bermuda, Bahama

“Come on, Pretty Mama.”

So I’m watching Portlandia today and it made me want to go to Portland.  I saw Boyhood this weekend and it made me want to visit Texas.  SNL made me want to go to New York. And everything makes me want to go to Paris!!

All this made me realize where I want to live.  And the answer is–Not here!!  Not anywhere really.  I want to travel around.  I envy the ones who succeed at their art and go on tour.

I don’t envy those that travel for their job.  That seems lonely.  Traveling for your art is less lonely.  For one, there is usually some kind of posse.  So it’s kind of like a traveling family even if the posse is little.  Another thing is that you are traveling for your passion.  And that is awesome.

I have traveled for my art.  I’ve gone to Nevada, Massachusetts, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Colorado, Virgina, New York and Ontario as well as Ohio where I live.  I never went on tour though.  I had a tour with a band scheduled once but it fell through.

Dancing to live music is incredible.  It’s two passions put together on stage which makes it electrifying!!  Going on a tour of electrifying performances night after night, state after state, province after province is the dream.

Dear Band that would like a live fusion dancer to hit the road with them– I am ready!!

Until then, I have Portlandia and my dreams.


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