April March

Today I went to the Science March with my friend and fellow dancer, Sophie.  It was my first March and/or protest ever.  Mainly because I’m not a citizen thus not a voter so I feel like I don’t have much of a voice.  I didn’t have a particular thing I was marching for, just the experience of it and I thought it might be nice to be around others who are also concerned about the current climate of the States.

Now that I have experienced one, here are my secret thoughts about protests:

1.  The signs are the best part.  Reading the cleverness of people is fun.  My favorite was “Science = Beer”.  I love that someone took the time to make that sign and then get themselves downtown so people saw it.

2.  The worst part for me is the yelling.  Hands down!!  People repeating the same phrase over and over and over and over in a stern, “I mean business” tone grated on my nerves.  I read an article on extremely sensitive people– which I am.  It made me feel better when I read the list of things that really bother sensitive people.  I felt less crazy and edgy.  One of the things on the list was repetitive noises and phrases.  It’s something that has always gotten in my nerves and now I know I’m sensitive, not cranky.  Anyway, aside from the protest yelling bugging me, I don’t really get the point.  Screaming the same thing again and again to the people who already feel the same way you do seems like a waste to me.  I am new at this, however, so maybe it will grow on me??  #IBetItDoesnt.

3.  I didn’t bring a sign with me but I decided while I was marching that if I did have one I would want it to say, “I like cures.”  Simple.  To the point.  I think that will be my protest identity.  State the obvious in that sarcastic way of mine.

Now that I have my protest identity, I wonder if I will ever use it??  I’m still deciding if protests and marches are my thing.  I don’t love people knowing too much about how I feel about politics because it’s gotten so hostile these days.  I’m seeing a large amount of hate ranting for things as simple as not having the same opinion.  While there have been scarier, I do believe it is a scary time.  I have one or two issues that I can’t sit by and not talk about but I will save those for another blog.


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