I Workout

I can say that today. I couldn’t say that yesterday or at anytime during the holiday season. I decided on a little break after the Halloween season ended. It was long and we had many shows and I just wanted to chill a little after. I said it was going to be a week off but it was not. It was two months.

I can officially say that was a bad idea. It was like I had never worked out before. I lost all the progress I made working really hard last year. I have to re-stretch, re-strengthen, and re-everything else. I’ll do it. I’ve been worse off. I’ve gone from October all the way to May and panicked when the weather got warm and I’m still in my winter body. I’m not doing that again at least.

It’s not so bad. By February I’ll be in better shape to start toning things. I’ll have gotten rid of the holiday weight I gained. I won’t give out numbers but I didn’t hit double digits which I was quite pleased about. Not bad for two months off!!


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