On Game of Thrones

Now that I have your attention, I have never watched Game of Thrones– for a very good reason. More on that in my next post.

So I see memes, shirts, and posts all that say Winter is Coming. I am currently residing in NE Ohio so I laugh, cry, or roll my eyes when I see that meme, shirt, post. Winter is never coming here. Winter is here. It’s always here. When winter is over, everyone smiles, says “Let’s go out for a drink in the sun,” and while you are drinking in the sun, taking a sigh of relief, and wearing your flip flops for the first time all year– winter comes back!! Yes. In NE Ohio there is no time between winter and winter to say winter is coming. It comes, stays, stays, goes (while there is some road construction blocking the highways), and then it comes again.

So how do you beat the weather blahs here?? I don’t do a good job of it so if you are looking for actual advice, stop reading now and prepare your sundress or shorts for summer. No need to try them on to see if they still fit because the weather won’t change long enough to actually wear them. #BrightSpot.

First thing I do to beat weather blahs: Eat!! Yeah, this is terrible solution and a textbook side effect of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It doesn’t make you feel better; it makes you feel fatter which in turn makes you feel worse. Resist!!

Another beat the blahs thing I do: Buy hats. They are cute, and I have a face that can pull off most hats but is this a good plan?? The answer is both yes and no. If you have 20 you don’t need more. And you don’t want the added stress of an impulse buy. Resist. If you have one or two and they are crappy and old, maybe a snazzy new one will do the trick and brighten that gray day. It’s worth a try.

A third thing: I color my hair crazy reds. And guess what?? It makes me feel better. Looking in the mirror and seeing a crazy shade is quite uplifting!! And with reds there is a new shade every time you wash your hair so Christmas is all around. And there’s the added bonus of the red waterfall that occurs every time I wash my hair. Red waterfall–what fun!! My showers look like a bloodbath!! “There was no murder officer, I just washed my hair.”

And finally, a forth thing: Read books. This is in all seriousness. With a book on the weekend, you can hibernate and still feel like you are doing something productive. Binge watching Love makes you feel like you did nothing but sit like a slug all weekend. Even though you’ll do the same thing with a book, your becoming educated. Loophole that book and stay in the warm house. That’s what I’m doing tonight.

Here’s some lightening round suggestions:

-Sleep all day, and then when you finally get up say, ” I can’t believe I slept all day. I won’t do that tomorrow.” Then do it tomorrow. It’s ok if you pretend it’s spontaneous.

-Watch your favorite movie. If it’s your favorite then it bypasses the slug rule. And you can change your favorite every day. Or have a list of the top 100 favorites. #Loopholes

-Go out in the cold and pretend it’s warm. (This one does not work at all.)

-Say stuff like, “I love snow.” And “Anything over 32 degrees depresses me.” Lie to yourself and those around you.

-Blog about bad weather and disguise it so people think it’s about Game of Thrones. I’m also doing that tonight.


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