What If

What If is a movie I watch once in awhile when I feel like pining for Toronto. I originally watched it because I’m a huge Daniel Radcliffe fan. I love the cast, the plot not as much, but I love the setting more than anything. They shot in the parks I miss, the shops I miss, the restaurants I miss, and in many shots the CN tower is in the background. I watch and I pine.

I had a plan to get out of here and back to Toronto. The plan was kind of a slow-cooking plan but it was working. Until today when my plan took a giant nosedive. I have to make a new slow-cooking plan now but in the meantime I’m praying for a miracle.

Until my miracle comes, I pine.


The Place You Don’t Want to Be

After reading of two beloved famous people killing themselves one day apart, I see the social media storm of posters hurrying to give their opinions and preach their ideas of what you should do to avoid such a fate. I have feelings about this that I’d like to share.

The thing that jumped out at me and made me want speak about this was a comment stating that Anthony Bourdain was selfish for committing suicide. That shocked me. First off, did this poster know Mr. Bourdain?? His life?? His pain?? Before making such a judgement on social media for all to see??

Second, anyone who thinks that suicide is selfish has never visited that low place. The place that is so hopeless you can’t get past it to consider others. A place so dark that you believe anyone would be better off with you gone anyway. In that place no one cares about you. Not even those who always did and always do.

I don’t wish the dark place on anyone. Not anyone. But if you have an opinion on how wrongly a person behaved while in that place, then you have not been there. And I hope you never ever visit. Be happy that you don’t know but also act like you don’t know. Post like you don’t know. That’s my bossy advice.

Much peace to everyone. Let’s be kind to one another. That’s my number one goal starting now. More kindness.