Blemishing the Blemished

Two unanswerable questions came into my mind when hearing the news story of this statue being vandalized:  1.  Why of all things, would they choose to make a statue out of this??  I didn’t know it existed until this story.  I’ve never liked the photo.  It never made me think of the end of WWII celebration. I’ve always thought it was a drive by even when I was an innocent, untouched kid. Look at her arm. She is clearly not in it.

I would never vandalize it, however, which leads me to unanswerable question 2.  What is the story of the person who did??  I resist any judgement without knowing.  If they had something happen to them and it was swept under the rug because everyone wanted to believe something different, maybe their anger got the best of them.  Maybe instead of screaming or digging their fingernails into their palms, they did this.  We just don’t know.  Best case–they are just a jerk vandal. But is that the likely story??


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