The Count Down

May Your Days Be Merry and Bright

“And may all your Christmases be”

I am not finishing that sentence.  What if you don’t want your Christmases to be white??  I don’t want a white Christmas.  I was a Caribbean Christmas.  Or a French Riveria Christmas.  I want a life that makes it almost necessary to have a Christmas like that.  An on the road in wonderful places Christmas–that is what I want!!

Anyway, lots of practicing today on top of teaching a high school bellydance class.  I created some choreography and then taught it to Hareem Shar’eem.  I practiced my solo for this weekend and then spoke to one of the band members who told me the song has changed and then I changed the choreography and practiced some more.  I also did a weight lifting workout that made my muscles shake!!!  I am “exhaaauuusted.”  (Shout out to those that used tired as their excuse not to practice.  Woot to all who aren’t reading this because they are stuck in front of their tvs.)  Too harsh??  FYI, if I use the word woot, I am being sarcastic–ALWAYS!!

346.5 down, 18.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

Fun Fun

“Rock and Roll High School.”

Tomorrow and the next day I am going to teach high school bellydance.  It’s part of a survey dance class.  Whenever they get to the Bellydance potion of the class, they call me and I go and fill in all the youngsters on the ins and outs of bellydance.  I teach them moves and a choreography and then they videotape themselves doing the routine for later study.  Tomorrow I think I will take my sword to see what kind of ooos and aahhhs I get.  The sword is a very popular prop!!

I got my lesson plan and choreography ready for that class and I also started to practice my solo for this weekend’s big show.  More practice needed!!  More hours to come this week!!

344 down, 21 to go!!!

The Count Down

I’m Sexy and I Know It

“I work out!!!”

I am surprised I haven’t used that song already.  😉

I started a new level of weight training and it is making me exhausted.  Not too exhausted to drill for 30 minutes and teaching two classes though.  Priorities!!  I am done for tonight though.  The only thing I have to do is a 10 minute ab routine and then I can chill for the rest of the night.  (I say that like it isn’t almost 10 PM.)  I am feeling a bubble bath too because my back hurts from our latest burlesque move.  It is stayin’ in though!!!

That last paragraph sounded kinda whiny.  I will turn it around by saying I have 26 days left in the year and 22 hours of practice to get in before then.  Ahead of the game is where I like to be and I have a gig this weekend that demands practice so I am hoping to road trip in good shape for hours so when I return, as I leisurely finish meeting all my goals!!  We’ll see!!

343 down, 22 to go!!!


The Count Down

We Will We Will

“Rock you.”

So overwhelmed and busy!!  I am in the middle of choreographing four routines for Circus Qaina and I have a big solo performance coming up on Saturday.  I also keep on top of my daily weight lifting workout because I have to do that!!  I would say if I at least maintain my current shape, I have already met my stronger body goal.  I am stronger, thinner, and my BP is actually low which I thought would never happen.  If I don’t let Christmas and all the temptations that come with it throw me off, I should be OK.  The minimum I have to do is maintain but I hate to workout this hard to maintain so hopefully, even stronger and thinner is where I will be when this year ends!!

I haven’t been blogging every day but I have been counting my hours.

340.5 down, 24.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

I Saw You Kicking Dirt in My Eye

“I believe in miracles.  And a miracle has happened tonight.”

I was a little stressed about today because I had so much to do in a short amount of time.  I had nothing to be stressed about though.  It went really well.

First off, I had a gig at a Senior Center’s Christmas Party.  They wanted me to perform and teach them some moves.  I was nervous because I was going on my own this time which I never do.  Usually I have Hareem Shar’eem with me for these kinds of things.  It went so well though.  I got up this morning and decided I wanted to dance different pieces then I had planned so I practiced new ones.  I did a group routine that I turned into a solo, my turkish spoon dance, and my gypsy jazz routine.  They loved it!!!  And then they all got up and danced!!  They were a great class.  Such a good group of people and a great experience!!  I want to do more solo things so I can get used to it and accept any gig.  I don’t want to depend on others.  I am going to Virgina next week to perform a solo too!!  I am growing!!

Later, I choreographed some of Hareem Shar’eem’s crazy circus routine and then went Cleveland and taught it to them!!  That went well too.  Lots of good dancing today.  Now I have to go workout!!

336 down, 29 to go!!

The Count Down

Alright Stop!!!

“Anything less than the best is a felony!!”

I worked hard today!!  Choreographed more routines, practiced for an upcoming performance and taught two classes.  Even though I worked three hours today it doesn’t feel like a lot because I have so much left to do!!  Oh well.  One routine at a time.  I am overloaded with dance projects!!  I am in the middle of four group routines, I have a solo to figure out for the 10th and I have to figure out what to do about the Qaina show before all the dancers get together, form an army, hunt me down and kill me.  The restless emails are plenty.  All this and I have a day job that keeps me busy too.  I am juggling the best I can.  Hang in there, Lovely Dancers.  I will figure it out!!

On a completely different note, I went to the doctor today and my BP was LOW!!!  Seriously, it has not been low in about 6 years!!  The only thing I am doing differently is weights.  I have never tried to build muscle before.  That seems to be exactly what I needed for a healthy BP.  Who knew??  I was very pleased!!!

334 down, 31 to go!!!

The Count Down

It Takes Two To Make a Thing Go Right

“It takes two to make it outta sight.  I’m gonna rock right now!!”

I did a lot of work today.  I practiced three routines for a show and teaching gig I have on Wednesday afternoon.  I started choreographing The Shuvani Jezebels’ routine for Qaina and then I taught it to them.  Something in that routine is messing with my back but I must keep going.  I am so close to the end of my goal that little would stop me from reaching it!!  I am done practicing for today though.

I am still doing my weight lifting workout.  On Wednesday I start the last 30 days of the 90 day program.  I stepped on that heartless be-otch the scale last week and although it wasn’t as low as I was hoping it would be, it was still lower than I have ever been this time of year.  I don’t usually do well from my birthday in October to the New Year.  I don’t usually exercise and I usually eat too much holiday food.  This year is a new attitude and the fact that I have the second part of my goal (to have a stronger body) to meet, really puts me in the position of being unable to slack off this holiday season.  I would be quite embarrassed if I did not meet my goals by the end of the year!!  After blogging a year, the goals need to be met!!

331 down, 34 to go!!!

FYI, there are 34 days left in the year.  I am exactly on track!!

The Count Down

Strangers in the Night

“Exchanging glances.”

Since I went away for Thanksgiving, I was going to get up tomorrow morning and start working again.  I have so much to plan for.  New routines for each troupe, and a solo for myself.  The solo is for an upcoming gig at the Virginia Holocaust Museum on December 10th.  I am very excited about dancing in this show.  Survivors are the guests of honor and one of the survivors is playing in the band a song.  I love the great, memorable gigs and this has all the makings of one.

When I got home from the Thanksgiving food and fun, I was going to go to sleep but then I started thinking about my solos–the upcoming one and my recent past Gypsy Jazz one.  I need to practice both so I went down to the studio and did that.  Now I am tired and feel like I accomplished something over this holiday–something other than watching The Glee Project marathon at my parents house.  Fascinating, by the way, and something I would never watch if it wasn’t a ‘sitting around’ holiday.

Tomorrow I plan to accomplish much more.  I have a plan for the rest of the year.  These numbers will be shooting down!!!

329 down, 36 to go!!!

The Count Down

It’s Been a Hard Days Night

“I should be sleeping like a log.”

I am been MIA for a little while, I realize.  Here is my list of bad excuses:  I worked too many hours at my non-dance job last week, I overkilled on bellydance the weekend before, and Migraine!!!

All of them are bad excuses!!  At least I didn’t put that I was tired.  That is the worst one!!  I had a student in the past that used to call and leave me voice mails that she was tired from working and could not come to practice.  So much so that she never knew the routine.  She threw around the word exhausted a lot and would draw it out saying she was “exhaaaausted.”  Maybe it was from taking care of all her kids??  Wait she didn’t have any kids.  Maybe it was because she worked more than one job??  Wait, she only had one job.  Maybe it was a lame excuse.  Yes, I think we have a winner!!  😉  (See how I took the focus off of my lame excuses??)  LOL.  Yes, that is my pet peeve of excuses to skip practice.  Mainly because everyone works hard and is tired and if you only practice when you are bursting with energy, the results are never good!!

The migraine took me out for two days.  I get it across the head and I can’t concentrate on anything and I get so cranky.  It is gone now and I hope it stays gone!!!

Anyway, I worked out every day anyway.  I can really tell the changes in my body from the weight lifting workouts.  I think I found an exercise routine that will do what I want it to do!!  I am excited to see what I will look like in spring.  My plan is to dedicate the awful winter to dance classes and exercise!!

I did some new choreography this week, taught classes and drilled some routines.  The next thing I am dedicating myself to is my solo for the Virginia Holocaust Museum on December 10th.  So excited!!

328 down, 37 to go!!!

The Count Down

N’oubliez Jamais

“In my life there was so much anger.  Still I have no regrets.”

I hate to say it but I am so exhausted.  I have a bellydance hangover.  I have overkilled on bellydance.  Last week was such a high stress week for me dance-wise.  I had to get my solo ready for a show.  I choreographed it and drilled it all last week.  I also had students to get ready for the show too and a workshop to help with that.  All the practices etc.  And then there was my genius move–I decided it was a good time to open up my spring show.

I have an event called Qaina every spring.  It is a fun event that people seem to like.  Every November I open up the show and write down who wants to be in it.  I always have a short waiting list because I get too many requests and the show always fills up quickly.  It used to take a few days.  Last year it filled up in 24 hours.  I wanted to open it up for dancers to sign up before I went to perform in the show this weekend because I had started getting emails from dancers wanting to be in it.  I figured I would let them in and then I wouldn’t have everyone asking me about it at the show.

Yes–that was my mistake.  This year set a new record.  The show filled up in 20 minutes.  I didn’t even have a chance to get up from my computer.  And then there were many who wanted in after that and now I have this huge list of people.  I am overwhelmed and not sure how to play this.  Had I known it was going to go like this, I would have waited until after the show.  I was trying to get it out of the way so people wouldn’t need to ask me about it when they saw me for the performances but that backfired.  I had more questions than ever about what I was going to do.  The answer to these questions in case you want to know:  I don’t know!!!  Stay tuned!!

I practiced an hour yesterday then was in the Autism Benefit.  That was all rehearsal for it.  Today I choreographed part of a new circus piece and then taught two-ish classes.  One full class.  In the second class we spent about half of it talking about the show and the fact that Qaina sold out so fast.  We needed a little bit of a break though.  There was so much rehearsal for many of the dancers in my troupes!!  Break over though.  Back to Just Doin’ It starting now!!!

325 down, 40 to go!!!