The Count Down

My Body Never Knew Such Pleasure

“My heart never knew such pay-ee-ay-ee-ain.”

I used to play that song over and over when I was just a young girl.¬† ūüôā

I practiced today.  I choreographed new circus stuff and then had two practices.  The migraine is a little less today and the dentist should be calling me tomorrow to let me know when they can fix my teeth so the pain will stop.  I am almost positive that is what the problem is.  The good thing is it is a fixable problem.  The bad thing is that it is not fixed yet.

Tomorrow is the Studio Christmas Party.  It is mindless party fun and usually quite wild for a Monday night.  It is our time to cut loose.  Hope to see you there!!

355 down, 10 to go!!!¬† Now the blog with be like a NYE countdown!!!! ūüôā

The Count Down

It’s My Declaration

“To anyone who’s listening.¬† You’re my inspiration.”

I don’t know if anyone has had migraines before but if you have not experienced them, let me try to explain:¬† It feels like someone shot you in the head and you lived.¬† You lived without the luxury of losing your mind so you constantly feel the pain of being shot in the head until the migraine goes away.¬† Or forever which is when I think this one will live to.

I’m not sure why I am getting more of these this year.¬† It is one of the things aside from trips that takes me out.¬† Anyway, I gave up on the migraine going away today.¬† I had 13.5 hours left to do and if I keep going like this, I am not going to get to the end.¬† I have had the pain since Tuesday.¬† I suspect it is related to dental work I had on Monday that needs fixing.¬† I don’t think they finished it right because the pain is shooting from that area, through my jaw, and into my gunshot wound to the head.

Today¬†I decided I needed to get back to work so I choreographed circus routines for an hour and a half and ignored the painful problems I am having.¬† To be honest, it worked.¬† When I was thinking of what to do in these routines, I was quite focused and did not think about pain at all.¬† It is probably the best I have felt all week.¬† Now that I am done, I came up here to type this and wouldn’t you know it, the head pain is back on the front burner.¬† Dance is the answer to everything in the world!!¬† Well, probably any art that takes you away to the land of obsession is the answer to one’s world.¬† You heard it here first!!

Tomorrow I have practices with two groups so I will be bringing those hours down before New Year’s Eve.¬† Almost there!!¬† Nothing short of actually getting shot in the head is going to stop me from reaching my goals!!!

353 down, 12 to go!!!

The Count Down

Shot Down in a Blaze of Glory

“I’ve seen love come, I’ve seen it shot down, I’ve seen it die in vain.”

Long weekend is over.  I performed with the band Maharal at the Virginia Holocaust Museum.  I performed with survivors and for survivors of the Holocaust.  Such an experience.    The hall in the museum is one of the most beautiful that I have ever performed in.

I also did a solo which is different from¬†what I am used to.¬† The nerves are not as bad when doing a solo.¬† I don’t play my choreography over and over in my head before I go on when I do solo.¬† I just dance the dance.¬† It is so much better on the nerves.¬† I like that and I like the fact that I don’t have to depend on others.¬† I can just go and do my thing.¬† I need to do more things like this.

I taught two classes today.  They are the last ones of the year.  So much accomplished yet so many plans for the upcoming year!!

Still working out too.  I will be done with the 90 day plan on the 31st of this year.  I will be finishing many goals this december!!

351.5 down, 13.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

May Your Days Be Merry and Bright

“And may all your Christmases be”

I am not finishing that sentence.¬† What if you don’t want your Christmases to be white??¬† I don’t want a white Christmas.¬† I was a Caribbean Christmas.¬† Or a French Riveria Christmas.¬† I want a life that makes it almost necessary to have a Christmas like that.¬† An on the road in wonderful places Christmas–that is what I want!!

Anyway, lots of practicing today on top of teaching a high school bellydance class.¬† I created some choreography and then taught it to Hareem Shar’eem.¬† I practiced my solo for this weekend and then spoke to one of the band members who told me the song has changed and then I changed the choreography and practiced some more.¬† I also did a weight lifting workout that made my muscles shake!!!¬† I am “exhaaauuusted.”¬† (Shout out to those that used tired as their excuse not to practice.¬† Woot to all who aren’t reading this because they are stuck in front of their tvs.)¬† Too harsh??¬† FYI, if I use the word woot, I am being sarcastic–ALWAYS!!

346.5 down, 18.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

Fun Fun

“Rock and Roll High School.”

Tomorrow and the next day I am going to teach high school bellydance.¬† It’s part of a survey dance class.¬† Whenever they get to the Bellydance¬†potion of the class, they call me and I go and fill in all the youngsters on the ins and outs of bellydance.¬† I teach them moves and a choreography and then they videotape themselves doing the¬†routine for later study.¬† Tomorrow I think I will take my sword to see what kind of ooos¬†and aahhhs I get.¬† The sword is a very popular prop!!

I got my lesson plan and choreography ready for that class and I also started to practice my solo for this weekend’s big show.¬† More practice needed!!¬† More hours to come this week!!

344 down, 21 to go!!!

The Count Down

I’m Sexy and I Know It

“I work out!!!”

I am surprised I haven’t used that song already.¬† ūüėČ

I started a new level of weight training and it is making me exhausted.¬† Not too exhausted to drill for 30 minutes and teaching two classes though.¬† Priorities!!¬† I am done for tonight though.¬† The only thing I have to do is a 10 minute ab routine and then I can chill for the rest of the night.¬† (I say that like it isn’t almost 10 PM.)¬† I am feeling a bubble bath too because my back hurts from our latest burlesque move.¬† It is stayin’ in though!!!

That last paragraph sounded kinda whiny.¬† I will turn it around by saying I have 26 days left in the year and 22 hours of practice to get in before then.¬† Ahead of the game is where I like to be and I have a gig this weekend that demands practice so I am hoping to road trip in good shape for hours so when I return, as I¬†leisurely finish meeting all my goals!!¬† We’ll see!!

343 down, 22 to go!!!


The Count Down

We Will We Will

“Rock you.”

So overwhelmed and busy!!¬† I am in the middle of choreographing four routines for Circus Qaina and I have a big solo performance coming up on Saturday.¬† I also keep on top of my daily weight lifting workout because I have to do that!!¬† I would say if I at least maintain my current shape, I have already met my stronger body goal.¬† I am stronger, thinner, and my BP is actually low which I thought would never happen.¬† If I don’t let Christmas and all the temptations that come with it throw me off, I should be OK.¬† The minimum I have to do is maintain but I hate to workout this hard to maintain so hopefully, even stronger and thinner is where I will be when this year ends!!

I haven’t been blogging every day but I have been counting my hours.

340.5 down, 24.5 to go!!!