The Count Down

Somebody With Eyes of Blue

“Who doesn’t notice all the others.”

I finished choreography my solo TODAY!!  It is for tomorrow’s show.  I guess it is better than finishing it tomorrow morning but I could have done it a bit sooner.  Regardless I am happy to be done with it and I have drilled it.  Some more drilling tomorrow before the show and it will be fun!!

We had a gig at a craft fair today.  It was very laid back.  We didn’t do any routines because there wasn’t enough room.  We did improv dancing to Christmas bellydance music.  I like the low stress of those kinds of gigs.  We had our swords but we had one little place that we could dance with them.  We couldn’t dance with swords near our table because we were next to the painted glass guy.  In my mind, I heard the sword fall off my head and shatter so many fragile glasses when I looked at that guy’s booth.  We carried them past and away from him and his beautiful glass!!

I also love gigs where I can buy my mother a Christmas present at the same time.  😉

Tomorrow many of my troupes are dancing at an Autism benefit.  Shout out to Ruby!!!  We have been practicing so much for this.  Can’t wait to get the show on the road!!!  Should be a good time.

I decided to not let myself think about Qaina until next week.  I needed to focus on the gigs this weekend since we had two.  Next week I will figure out Qaina and explain everything that has been going on!!  This is the earliest Qaina has made me tired.  🙂

322 down, 43 to go!!!

The Count Down

Everybody Wants You

“Everybody needs you, leads you, bleeds you.”

I have so much to tell you all but I am too tired to actually write about it.  I am going to give you my numbers for today and tell you all about my crazy Qaina chaos tomorrow.  Check back if the previous statement sounds like it might be interesting to you.

Today I choreographed a solo.  I accomplished a lot so I feel good about that.  I also led two rehearsals.  I did my workout too!!!  Tired but sadly not from any of these things!!  LOL.  Kidding!!

319 down, 46 to go!!!

The Count Down

Now That We Found Love

“What are we going to do with it.  I like the way you wiggle.  You don’t jiggle once you jiggle.”

I love that Heavy D song.  So young to die.  The first thing that went through my head is wondering whether or not his death would have been preventable if he would have taken better care of himself.  Then I thought, “Did he take care of himself and I just think he didn’t because is called Heavy D??”  Could be.  I liked him and I love that song.

Today was a high work day.  3 hours total with lots of practicing for shows this weekend.  Tomorrow should be the same.  So tired.

Going to sleep now but not before I tell you about an upcoming gig I have at The Virginia Holocaust Museum on December 10.  I am sooooooo excited.  I danced there in January so there is another blog in here that lists all the reasons why I am excited.  The basic gist is that performing for the survivors of the Holocaust is an honor and I learned so much from meeting them.  They have a wonderful attitude towards life!!  I can’t wait to do it again!!!

Also, I want to look great for it so it can be one more reason for me to stick to my workouts!!!  Almost there!!

316 down, 49 to go!!!


The Count Down

Wasting Away Again

“In Margaritaville.”

Yes, I am writing this after Margarita Power Hour!!  Woo hoo!!  My writing skills will be of equal or lesser value!!  Also, I am writing this after working out and three practice hours–one hour for every margarita I drank following classes.  Totally worth it!! 

I taught two classes and I had to do choreography so I am ahead of the game.  I actually didn’t get much work done over the weekend because I was not home.  I was traveling for things non-bellydance so I thought I had gotten myself behind in hours but I did a count (which I do about twice a month to see how I am doing anyway.)  I have 54 days left in the year and I have 52 hours left to reach my goal.  I am pretty close but the fact that I have a ton of work to do on my solo and so many rehearsals to do for the show coming up, I am not that worried about reaching that goal!!!

I have to be focused this week and then next week, I will see how far ahead I am.  Almost there!!!!

313 down, 52 to go!!!

The Count Down

I Am Iron Man

“Now the time is here, for Iron Man to spread fear!!”

I hate iron pills.  They make me feel sick.  I have decided to stop taking them so I will feel like myself again.  Back to the doctor I go.

My health troubles were far less last year when I didn’t have a blog.  Do you think by starting this blog I stirred up some kind of obstacle karma so the universe can make my blog more interesting??  “During that time, she battled high blood pressure and anemia.”

Two things I did not battle before this blog!!!

I exercised, I practiced, I felt sick all day.  This is the story of a girl with the determination and perseverance to push past a pesky heart and vitamin deficiancy!!  Behind The Dancing!!

310 down, 55 to go!!!

The Count Down

Jeepers Creepers

“Where did you get those eyes.”

I just erased the whole beginning paragraph because all I did was complain about my iron pills.  I decided that it did not make for good blog information so I erased it and here I am.  I will tell you that Anemia sucks when you are trying to workout and practice for hours a day though.

Anyway, I taught two classes on Monday that I did not yet write about.  Drilling and Choreography were on Halloween Monday.  I said everyone who wore a spider got their classes free and everyone did.  Some phoned it in but everyone wore a spider of some kind.

Also, I have continued my muscle-building workout and I have the aching muscles to prove it.  I still do my workout even though I complain about my lack of energy.  This body is not going to change itself just because I was diagnosed with Anemia.  It’s just another hurdle for me to whine about!!

309 down, 56 to go!!!

The Count Down

Sunday’s Gloomy

“My house is slumberless.”

Last night was the Halloween Show.  Good show.  Lots of fun routines, many so outside the box.  We all love that.  Halloween is always a reason to try crazy things.  It was a great time.  All the troupes did very well.

I feel more than anything that I am glad to have a weekend off.  Next weekend we don’t have any gigs and so I feel like a little vacation has started.  We have two the following weekend so it isn’t a long break but I feel like I can breathe.  🙂  This is the time when I have to really fight to stay on track.  It is so easy to say that I worked hard for the gig yesterday and now that it is over, I should be able to take a day off and sit around watching movies all day.  I can’t lose focus though.  Days off are reserved for cruises and trips–things that prevent me from practicing.  Being tired doesn’t prevent me from it.  It is an excuse.  A bad one!!  We’ll see what I can accomplish today.

305 down, 60 to go!!!

The Count Down

Whatever Happened to my Transylvania Twist??

“It’s now the mash.”

Tonight is the big Halloween show near Youngstown.  We have been practicing for it for a while.  I am glad we are here and ready to go!!!!  I am real sorry that Nadeau won’t be able to join us.  Illness gets in the way of all the fun, doesn’t it Nadeau??  We will miss you!!!

I’ll blog about the event tomorrow.  It’s Saturday, it’s Halloween weekend.  There has to be a ghost story in there somewhere!!!

304. 5 down, 60.5 to go!!!!

The Count Down

We Had Joy We Had Fun

“We had seasons in the sun.”

That is my gloomy bad news song.  It has been a horrible week at my studio.   My assistant’s husband was diagnosed with cancer that has spread.  Nothing puts a damper on the fun of dance like horrible illnesses and sad things happening.

Rehearsals went on for the show coming up tomorrow.   I have a lower stress level if I do the routines I perform in at least once a day.  I know the routine so well when I do that.  It doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes.  I am much less stressed though.

“The show must go on” keeps running through my head as it did in the spring when there was a funeral and lots of sadness the day before Qaina.  It is so hard to be pumped up about shows when sad things are happening.  My insides just want to pack it all in and wallow.  That isn’t even an option when I have so many people depending on me.  That and the fact that it isn’t a very healthy thing to do for myself or anyone else involved.  I need to keep things going.  Keep things sane for those that are having an insane time.  That is my job at times like these.  I will do it.  That is one of the many responsibilities I took on.  “It comes with the territory” is what I always say.  It does.

303 down, 62 to go!!!

The Count Down

All We are Saying

“Is give peace a chance.”

I think that is the first time I gave the lyrics of an entire song.  Gotta love John Lennon!!

Last night I made up two new Level 2 Cocaine combos before teaching my two classes.  Big Halloween gig this weekend.  I feel like I have been putting together the dances for this gig forever!!  I am glad that the time is nearly here and we are in the ready stages.  There is still a handful of rehearsals left and then it is go time!!!

My students work hard!!  Well done everyone!!  And good to see you, Gina!!  I love how since you are not yet able to dance yet, we used that as a reason to leave your troupe practicing while we got margaritas!!  2.5 practice hours,  1 margarita hour!!

301 down, 64 to go!!!